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Łukasz Podleśny

CEO Founder

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Project Manager

Project Manager

Interior Designers


Interior Designer

Customer references

  • Wspominamy z przyjemnością czas współpracy z Panem, tym bardziej będąc na co dzień w naszym domu, mogąc obcować z tym co chodziło nam po głowach i dzięki Panu się zmaterializowało.
  • "Tell me, what do you like?" - from this question began my cooperation with The Metropolitan. The architect and founder of The Metropolitan - Lukasz Podlesny, not only created a project whose aesthetics fit my, but also proposed many of solutions which are fascinating today. The individual approach, professionalism, commitment, above all the open mind and creativity of the architect translated into an extremely refined project, in 5 years I would not change any detail.
    Monika Wach
  • We are very pleased with the office project prepared by The Metropolitan. Innovative, interesting and full of good ideas for interior concepts
    WEBWORKERS Sp. z o.o.
  • The contractor ŁUKASZ PODLESNY INTERIOR DESIGN fulfilled the tasks being the subject of the contract with the IT Project Center [Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs] on dates and in accordance with the scope and requirements specified by the Ordering Party